Monday, March 10, 2008

POWER RANGERS: JUNGLE FURY - sketches approved!

Got an email today that I was looking forward to getting! The sketch art I drew (and posted some of here) for Power Rangers: Jungle Fury was finally approved by Disney today!! It took three weeks to go through the process since there was a lot of pieces but there were more people who had to approve it than normal. In an exciting moment, ALL of the art was approved with NO changes needed! Kind of an amazing thing considering how many pieces were drawn. I was happy with that (as was Disney) since now I can move onto doing the final artwork without having to redraw some aspects of it and getting it approved again. I'll be plugging away to the final art for the next few weeks.

HELLO KITTY! A commissioned sketch request!

In an effort to draw anything and everything when called upon, I got a request to do a sketch of HELLO KITTY. Some of you may be laughing out there, but commissions are a strange thing. This is the first time I've drawn this character. This art was done by hand naturally since the as you can see by the pencil sketch lines and I did it in about 20-25 minutes. All of the HELLO KITTY art you see in the shopping malls is actually produced in Adobe Illustrator so that they can blow it up to a skyscraper if need be. Plus, you can get perfect line quality all around the character that you just can't do by hand. The same type of stylized character as the Powerpuff Girls.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Scooby-Doo #133 Cover Art! Welcome To The Jungle!

Here's the new cover I did for DC Comics for Scooby-Doo #133 this week. Finished it early Friday after tweaking the color a hair or two and loaded it up to them via the FTP. I'm really, really happy with the design of how it came out. The triangle of danger (Mayan Mummy, Snake and Gator) frames Shaggy and Scooby and draws the eye right to them since they are the focus. The angle of the sinking temple and the log the guys are on gives it movement even though they are still. It was a rush job and as usual with rush jobs I seem to do better work because I don't overthink the thing and keep going back into it and keep screwing with it. Sometimes the first thing one does is the best thing. Below this text I've attached the cover again with the logos and UPC symbol I use as a guide when I draw. I also came up with two word balloons and the title text as well to help sell the idea to the editor since there were no thumbnails again in the creation of this piece. The text could change as well on the final printed version. The final printed comic will be out in June!

DC Comics also loaded me up with a ton of work! I got two Scooby-Doo scripts FedEx'ed to me Thursday night and then I got 4 Ed, Edd n Eddy scripts to draw today from another editor! Apparently I'm the only artist for the Eds now so I got the motherload! Yowza!!! They all have loose deadlines as well! I couldn't believe it! I'll have to fit them in between the final Power Rangers art that I'm still waiting on Disney to give me the final approvals for. Always good to be busy!! Enjoy! And as always, you can click the image to see the bigger version.