Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As Scooby says above, Merry Christmas to all those who like to view and read my blog of current goings-on at the Neely Studio! This Scooby vector art was sure an old file, the final art was finalized back on July 17, 2000! Yikes! Time sure does fly! Sorry I've not been posting any new art since my trip ended and I came back, but as soon as the plane hit the tarmac back in Philly I was hammered with the last Power Rangers Jungle Fury project to do, which was finished yesterday artwise and now it just has to be colored. Later this week, I also have to finish a new Scooby project for overseas as well! I also have two possible new jobs to do in the coming month of January so 2009 looks to be off to a great start as well! Also of note, Hal & Al may be on local TV in North and South Carolina very soon as well! It just keeps building!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

HOLLYWOOD HAL & RHINESTONE AL With Ronald McDonald In The 2008 Baton Rouge Christmas Parade!

On December 13th, Hal & Al teamed up with Ronald Mcdonald to ride in the 2008 Baton Rouge Christmas Parade in a New Robinson Brothers Ford truck! It was the kid-favorite of the night...Ronald is the most famous face in the world 2nd only to Santa Claus!

Here's a link to YouTube for some footage of it!

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow in WANNABEEVILLE, USA...Or Rather Baton Rouge!

Here's a pic Jim Hogg took of the Hal & Al trailer in his yard after it ACTUALLY SNOWED down in Louisiana on December 11th! New Orleans and Baton Rouge got about 3"- 5" of snow and it hasn't snowed there in like 10 years! I though it was Mother Nature weeping since I left and came back up north! Haha! This would make a nice Christmas card though, don't you think? Scott Innes shot some video of it as it was coming down.

Here's the YouTube link for his video!

Another HAL & AL Appearance At A Walmart 'TOYS FOR TOTS' Event On December 12th!


Hoggfest was on December 6th in Prairieville and ran from about 3pm to 7pm. It takes place in Jim Hogg's spaceous backyard every year or two. Marty Raybon was the main guest this year and he got to meet Hal & Al! We shot a bunch of footage with Marty for the Hal & Al TV Show and the guys did a great job of making it fun and spontaneous and it should be really great when each segment gets cut together and placed in the upcoming shows for 2009. Marty shot a lot of stuff so he'll be in a lot of our new episodes this year. We shot everything we needed before everyone arrived for the main Hoggfest event to get it out of the way and then we just sat back and enjoyed the show. Though I didn't get any pics of it, Scott sang as well and did his "Handprints On The Wall" song and then Nicole Johnson came onstage and sang her hit "If Jesus Came Back" and a couple of other songs. Scott and I then went out afterwards around 7pm with Scott's wife, Jodie, and his wife's best friend, Tiffany. Needless to say it was a busy and long day!

HAL & AL At The Walmart 'TOYS FOR TOTS' Drive In Zachary, La!