Friday, April 12, 2013

Current Goings On...

Not much to write about of late other than I did finish the roughs for Book 1 of Scooby for Capstone on Wednesday and am waiting on approvals and waiting for the cover specs to work them out. I have some exciting layouts that I did for the book so I'm eager to hear what is said.

Other than that, Alfie went to the groomer yesterday morning after a series of cancelled and remade appointments with his groomer, Bobbi, who was having some family issues and a fire in their basement. I would have waited for her anyway, though they offered someone else to trim him, but she's been doing Alfie's grooming since he was a baby so why change. Less stress for him since he knows her. Anyway, I was to take him in finally yesterday at 10:30am and they called at 8:30am to see if I could bring him in earlier, like right now! There was more drama for her so I got up and took him over. She was only doing four dogs today so she could leave early. He was good in the car going over as I guess he was tired as we were both in bed sleeping soundly till the phone rang. I haven't been up that early and moving in a while. It's great to have an artist's schedule.

After he was done, I came home and did my taxes for the year to finally get them out of the way. Then I was cleaning the studio today with some dusting and running the vacuum cleaner around.