Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Scooby Sketch!

Here's a quick Scooby sketch I did in about 20 minutes (whipped out on copy paper and inked with a Pitt Brush Marker) as I'm prepping to start a new Scooby project tomorrow where Mystery Inc. goes to yet another carnival and finds yet another mystery that needs solving. Who'da thunk it?! Is there ever a slow day in Coolsville?


Since I posted the cover with Hal & Al on the new issue of City Social advertising the concert, I thought I should post the actual concert poster ad!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HAL & AL On The New Cover Of CITY SOCIAL Magazine!

Hal & Al are on the new cover of City Social magazine this month advertising the Hal & Al All-Star Concert this fall! Saints quarterback Drew Brees will be there as a special guest as well! I had to go back into the photo and add the flesh tone to the Hal & Al costumes for it. From previous posts, I've talked about the steps that I have to do to fix any photos of them since cameras always make them look more white than flesh color. The flash on the camera and the lighting setups keep whiting them out even in the most professional of photoshoot conditions. There are always touch ups to do afterwards. This was fairly easy work as opposed to last year's free CD cover art (posted here last year), which required a lot of work done to it. This cover is a great shot though!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Cover Art Used On A Scooby Comic In Russia!

A Scooby collector named Jim emailed me recently and told me that he saw one of the covers that I did for Scooby-Doo used on a Russian Scooby comic! Wow! I'm truly global now! I think this is the furthest I've ever seen my art go. Thought I'd post this as it's neat to see how Scooby is written in Russian. The cover was originally used here in America on Scooby-Doo #132. I've heard there is an Egyptian Scooby comic series as well, so maybe they'll use one of my covers too!