Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PRECIOUS GIRLS CLUB line art! Or How I Spent My Weekend...

Here is how I spent this past weekend here in the studio. I got a call on late Friday afternoon to do some quick, single character line art illustrations for the Precious Moments licensing line. I had till Tuesday or Wednesday to get it done, but I banged it out and had it all done around Mid-Sunday afternoon. It was a fun and quick job for some great money. This was quite a nice change from being so immersed in the world of the Power Rangers: Jungle Fury art I've had been doing since Mid-February.

Now Precious Moments is mostly known for it's whimsical baby or young child illustrations and sculptures, which all have the tear drop eye look that is the signature to it's style. This project was for Precious Girls Club, which is a line where (I guess) they aged the kids up to about an 7-9 year old range. The bodies and clothing style has the Strawberry Shortcake feel to it, which as most people know I drew as well back in 2004 for the better part of the year.

Here is a small batch of the characters I did. I did ten of them in total. For a better look click to enlarge!

"Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance" Art Donation!

Here's a donation pile of cool stuff I donated to the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance this April for their annual fundraising auction. There are two pencilled pages from a Scooby comic and one from an Eds comic I did, plus a bunch of signed books I drew and some art prints I made which I signed as well. You can check out their site and make a donation at http://www.rmaca.org/index.htm.


Posted here again is the flyer for my appearance with other fine artists for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY that will take place THIS COMING Saturday! If in the area, come by and you can get a free comic and a free sketch! We'll be there all day at Captain Blue Hen in Newark, DE!

The New HAL & AL Magazine Ad For The New DVD!

Here is the new ad I had to design to promote the new DVD. It will be running in the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine for the next two months I'm guessing. I also had to redo the ad specs for City Social Magazine as well since it will run in there as well.

The New HAL & Al DVD is released!

I got my box of DVD's today from Scott for our new DVD and it looks GREAT!! It manufactured beautifully and the colors really pop!

The New Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al DVD Art!

Here's the artwork for the new Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al DVD that went to manufacturing in late March. It came out looking great! I'm really happy with the design and color scheme of it all. The second pic is of the label art that is on the DVD itself and the last three pics are of the menu screens which I had to do as well for the DVD. We kept it simple this time. This is our third DVD for Hal & Al and I think it's our best (though the Christmas Show DVD is quite good too!). It's loaded with two hours of Pre-K fun for the kids! To order go to www.halandal.com! Or if you live in Louisiana, you can go to School Aids or the Bass Pro Shops to buy one!

SCOOBY-DOO #133! "VMOTW:The Calchona" comic story!

Here is the new two-page story I just did for Scooby-Doo #133. I did the cover which I posted before but now here's a story that will be in it as well. It's another "Velma's Monsters of the World" history lesson featuring "The Calchona" which is in Chile! I like posting the original art like this since you now get to see parts of the art that usually get covered over by the word balloons.

My Scoob's On A Matchbox Car!

I was out at Walmart tonight buying some vitamin water cause they got it cheap there and trolling to see if there was anything new that I worked on and I came across a Scooby Matchbox Car set and saw that my art of Fireman Scooby I did for the style guide was on the firefighter hummer! Here's the pics of the product and my original artwork which was done as BW and in color in Illustrator. Pretty cool.

Also, I was in the comic store today and noticed that there was one comic that really popped out on the new issue wall...and what do you think it was? Ok, I'll tell ya. It was Scooby #131 with the 'Earth Day' cover I did! And it printed GREAT!! It POPS! That yellow was a beacon amid all the other DC and Marvel stuff. BooYah!

ED, EDD N EDDY in "Where's My Ed?"!

Here I am back again to post the goings on at the studio artwise. It's been a super busy three months! Here's the final art to the Ed, Edd n Eddy comic book story I drew that will be in Cartoon Network Block Party #47 in a few months. It's a 6-page story called "Where's My Ed?"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

POWER RANGERS, more work and the Wrath of the Flu!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. Almost a month. But I've been busy working through a sickness and then playing catch up. The day I lasted posted, March 10th, was the start of a flu bug that knocked me down for a week and I lost around 8 days on doing the final artwork for the Power Rangers work I was doing which got final approvals that day in fact.

It was really bad back on March 11th and 12th as I drew two Ed, Edd n Eddy comic book pages with a massive 103 degree fever. It was a 6-page story which I'll be doing the final inking for this week. I finally went to the doctor on the 13th and it was an adventure getting my prescription for an antibiotic, but I was finally up and running a few days later as I started getting better.

During this time since my last post I did the new Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al DVD artwork for our new DVD which is being manufactured as I type this, then I did two business card designs along with a letterhead, envelope design, and a flyer design for a client. I then did some patent drawing for a new invention for the same client, then I drew a six-pager for an Eds story as I mentioned for DC Comics. Not to mention designing the April issue of DCM magazine that had a new Alfie cartoon as well...and then I just finished all 83 illustrations for the Power Rangers on Monday night! Whew! That's a lot going on but it all got done. The best part is sending out invoices to get paid! Money, money, money!

Right now this week, I have a two-page Scooby-Doo story to draw (which is due at DC Comics on April 23rd) so I have to pencil it, then ink the 6 pages of the Ed, Edd n Eddy comic (which is due ASAP) and also in that time to draw and work on the art for a Power Rangers storybook which is due on April 24th! YIKES! It's a busy time! Plus, I have to get my taxes done this week as well!

I'll post some new art soon!