Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Scoob's On A Matchbox Car!

I was out at Walmart tonight buying some vitamin water cause they got it cheap there and trolling to see if there was anything new that I worked on and I came across a Scooby Matchbox Car set and saw that my art of Fireman Scooby I did for the style guide was on the firefighter hummer! Here's the pics of the product and my original artwork which was done as BW and in color in Illustrator. Pretty cool.

Also, I was in the comic store today and noticed that there was one comic that really popped out on the new issue wall...and what do you think it was? Ok, I'll tell ya. It was Scooby #131 with the 'Earth Day' cover I did! And it printed GREAT!! It POPS! That yellow was a beacon amid all the other DC and Marvel stuff. BooYah!

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