Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PRECIOUS GIRLS CLUB line art! Or How I Spent My Weekend...

Here is how I spent this past weekend here in the studio. I got a call on late Friday afternoon to do some quick, single character line art illustrations for the Precious Moments licensing line. I had till Tuesday or Wednesday to get it done, but I banged it out and had it all done around Mid-Sunday afternoon. It was a fun and quick job for some great money. This was quite a nice change from being so immersed in the world of the Power Rangers: Jungle Fury art I've had been doing since Mid-February.

Now Precious Moments is mostly known for it's whimsical baby or young child illustrations and sculptures, which all have the tear drop eye look that is the signature to it's style. This project was for Precious Girls Club, which is a line where (I guess) they aged the kids up to about an 7-9 year old range. The bodies and clothing style has the Strawberry Shortcake feel to it, which as most people know I drew as well back in 2004 for the better part of the year.

Here is a small batch of the characters I did. I did ten of them in total. For a better look click to enlarge!

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