Tuesday, April 8, 2008

POWER RANGERS, more work and the Wrath of the Flu!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. Almost a month. But I've been busy working through a sickness and then playing catch up. The day I lasted posted, March 10th, was the start of a flu bug that knocked me down for a week and I lost around 8 days on doing the final artwork for the Power Rangers work I was doing which got final approvals that day in fact.

It was really bad back on March 11th and 12th as I drew two Ed, Edd n Eddy comic book pages with a massive 103 degree fever. It was a 6-page story which I'll be doing the final inking for this week. I finally went to the doctor on the 13th and it was an adventure getting my prescription for an antibiotic, but I was finally up and running a few days later as I started getting better.

During this time since my last post I did the new Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al DVD artwork for our new DVD which is being manufactured as I type this, then I did two business card designs along with a letterhead, envelope design, and a flyer design for a client. I then did some patent drawing for a new invention for the same client, then I drew a six-pager for an Eds story as I mentioned for DC Comics. Not to mention designing the April issue of DCM magazine that had a new Alfie cartoon as well...and then I just finished all 83 illustrations for the Power Rangers on Monday night! Whew! That's a lot going on but it all got done. The best part is sending out invoices to get paid! Money, money, money!

Right now this week, I have a two-page Scooby-Doo story to draw (which is due at DC Comics on April 23rd) so I have to pencil it, then ink the 6 pages of the Ed, Edd n Eddy comic (which is due ASAP) and also in that time to draw and work on the art for a Power Rangers storybook which is due on April 24th! YIKES! It's a busy time! Plus, I have to get my taxes done this week as well!

I'll post some new art soon!


Jon McNally said...

Hey, Scott, I just read your responses to Manley's comments re: Brave and the Bold and wanted to echo your comments. I've long been weary with the current comics market. I do continue to buy several "mainstream" comics each month, but few titles consistently. I suggest also that comics have a format problem, not just one of content. Stop writing monthlies with the trade in mind!

Gripes aside! Hope you're soon feeling better and gracefully meet each of your deadlines.

ScottN01 said...

Thanks, Jon. I knew Mike was going to get feedback for his comments. I've been saying this stuff for years. I felt that Marvel and DC both have pushed me out the door slowly as a reader for since 2003 or 4. I still read comics, but independent stuff or European comics. I still read any Marvel Essentials trades. They are the best stuff! I've told people I work with at DC that I don't read their stuff and I work for them on the side! It's far too complicated now plus, I've already been there done that. On the Marvel side it's way too dark. The whole MU is way too downbeat and realistic in tone. Spider-man should be fun and not brooding.