Monday, May 8, 2017

SCOOBY-DOO - My Capstone Work... Thus Far...

Here's a pic I made of all the Scooby-Doo books I've worked on in the last three and a half years for Capstone Publishing starting in spring of 2013. 28 in all so far have my work in them. Looks more impressive this way (If you right-click on the pic and open it in a new window, you can get the bigger version to zoom in on).

Looks like no new Scooby thus far from them to work on in the summer, maybe in the fall. I think doing more of the Scooby You Choose books may be spread out more as there are 14 of them now. I sometimes wonder if over exposure of the character starts seeping in and people get tired of it and need a break. Even for super fans. I feel that way with some of my favorite TV shows as the seasons wear on. Also, after 17 years of drawing Scooby, I don't feel tired of it but there is an absolute sameness to it all that you have to deal with. I hit that wall with doing comic books as well... that and the pay isn't great anymore, but that's another post...  

SCOOBY-DOO - Capstone Final Covers

My previous post showed the cover art I turned in, and these are the way they will be printed I learned today from jpegs of the final covers. As you can see, a big change is they changed the color of my kitchen to a cool gray color instead. I assume so that the characters pop more. Eh. I kinda like mine more as it's a warmer feeling. Cool colors leaves it feeling cooler naturally. I usually like warmer color tones myself.
This also helps when people ask me about what I'm doing currently and it's hard to say sometimes as things change like titles and the art go through many tweaks to the final deal. I know what I turn in and am sometimes surprised when I see the final version. So I'm glad I have my blog where I can show it that way I liked it and you can decide.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Scooby-Doo - Two New Covers For Capstone!

Here's two new covers for two books I wrapped up back in March for Capstone. These are for a different series of books that deal with learning. One is a Math book which deals with estimation and the other deals with time and telling time. Have no idea when they will be out but here's the covers that are free from all the logos and titles that cover up 80% of the art. I think the covers came out cool as they pop with color.