Monday, May 8, 2017

SCOOBY-DOO - Capstone Final Covers

My previous post showed the cover art I turned in, and these are the way they will be printed I learned today from jpegs of the final covers. As you can see, a big change is they changed the color of my kitchen to a cool gray color instead. I assume so that the characters pop more. Eh. I kinda like mine more as it's a warmer feeling. Cool colors leaves it feeling cooler naturally. I usually like warmer color tones myself.
This also helps when people ask me about what I'm doing currently and it's hard to say sometimes as things change like titles and the art go through many tweaks to the final deal. I know what I turn in and am sometimes surprised when I see the final version. So I'm glad I have my blog where I can show it that way I liked it and you can decide.

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