Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As Scooby says above, Merry Christmas to all those who like to view and read my blog of current goings-on at the Neely Studio! This Scooby vector art was sure an old file, the final art was finalized back on July 17, 2000! Yikes! Time sure does fly! Sorry I've not been posting any new art since my trip ended and I came back, but as soon as the plane hit the tarmac back in Philly I was hammered with the last Power Rangers Jungle Fury project to do, which was finished yesterday artwise and now it just has to be colored. Later this week, I also have to finish a new Scooby project for overseas as well! I also have two possible new jobs to do in the coming month of January so 2009 looks to be off to a great start as well! Also of note, Hal & Al may be on local TV in North and South Carolina very soon as well! It just keeps building!

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