Monday, August 10, 2009

Starting Work For SHREK 4...And Some Other News!

Got the message on late Friday that I was shipped my package of SHREK 4 reference and I should have it on Tuesday to start to get an idea of what I have to do and the timelines and such to do it in. I'll know more by the middle of this week. Looks like a cool deal and I can't post anything from it, but I will be posting some of my previous Shrek stuff from a year ago or so you can see that. I got a lot of stuff I've done lately, but I'm just not showing it right now for the secrecy that it has to have for copyright reasons. I will be posting some new sketches though since I'm always sketching!

Also, I will be doing a podcast as well! I got the software, which I've had since 2005, and I'll be recording the first one this week sometime. The first one will be short as I'm testing the software and sound quality, but I've got two long ones planned. The subjects I'll talk about are all about art and questions I normally get when I do appearances at libraries and school. I should have some great stuff for aspiring artists as well since I'll be telling you about some of the in's and out's from my perspective to the business of art. It should be fun!

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