Friday, October 29, 2010

My Tribute To Halloween (Or "Ah, The Good Ol' Days!")

This started out to just be a simple sketch that I was going to post on my blog but then it seemed to take on a life of it's own and I got more involved with it. This is a Halloween tribute to myself or rather my childhood. I looked at a pic of me when I was four in the classic Ben Cooper Spider-Man costume and decided to do a cartoon version of me on a typical Halloween back when I was little. This piece got even more personal when I added the same 'Trick Or Treat' bag that I used as a kid and added my Spider-Man Web-Shooter toy on the wrist. I used to run around with one on each wrist as a kid so it made the piece all come together in the end.

Here's me at four years of age (and just about to turn five) wearing the costume in 1975!

Here's an ad from one of the comics I read back then to advertise the Halloween costume!

And here's an ad for the Spider-Man Web-Shooter, with an ad for the classic Power Records super hero records just below it! It's a perfect memento of two key things in my childhood!

And here is a pic of the Spider-Man Web-Shooter that I found on eBay several years ago and I bought it. It's hard to find in this kind of shape now still being mint on the card and it's one of my prized possessions that I have.

All in all, this is one of the most personal pieces of art that I think I've done yet to date. Hope you like it and my tribute to the holiday as Halloween 2010 is this weekend!


David said...

This is awesome Scott! Is it really in a frame or is it done through Photoshop to look like it is two pieces?

SNeelyArt said...

Thanks, David. It's all in pieces actually. I drew just the character art originally with a light background for a guide and then inked just the character art and colored it. I used the background just as a guide and did the rest digitally. From the character art to the background elements I did it all separately. The framing device I came up with at the end to tighten it up and create some visual interest but if I remove it you can see all of the background. I do most of my stuff in pieces really since it's easier to move and tighten up a layout. Comics are about the only thing that I do as one complete image, but even then sometimes in the planning stage I'll do it in layers so I can adjust stuff. It makes it easier to fix an bad tangents that may pop up.

David said...

Thanks for the explanation Scott. It really does look neat!