Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Is Here...

Well, to those who wondered, I'm still here. 2013 turned out to be a year of work and a year of personal growth as I learned some new skills. I was going to post and talk about it all but every time I went to go to this blog and type I felt like the old guy in the Dunkin' Donuts commercials and went "Time to make the donuts" and then said the hell with it.

Since April 1st, it's been a fast year. December was here before I knew it and it was also the month I could sit back and decompress after the last nine months of adventures. It was a summer of money flying out the window on a new furnace, a new roof with some fixed rafters, and a health scare with Alfie that wound up being ok in the end, though he is getting older and he now needs some medicine everyday to keep his liver and gall bladder healthy.

I had completed the Capstone 4-Book Scooby-Doo deal I had and as I was finishing up the last book they offered me two more to do, with another very possible two more after that. I'll be posting the covers soon. I also worked on Phineas and Ferb stuff as well in the gaps but mostly I worked on Scooby to keep my time open for my other adventure which was twice a week and about 10-20 hours more a week of study time. Anyway, here I am and I don't know if I can say renewed because I still feel tired, but we can hope the new year is going to be good! Here's hoping!

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