Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SCOOBY-DOO Comic Chapter Books Cover Art!

These are the final covers for a NEW series of Scooby-Doo books from Capstone! These are kind of like the Scooby-Doo You Choose books though instead of a single page illustration we now have a full panel comic page to help tell the story. I would post the titles for the books but I think the titles of the stories changed from what I had on the manuscripts. That happens most of the time once the books are done and they tighten things up. These covers were also done differently than I did the others in that I had to do all the elements separately meaning I have the Hero Art on one layer, then the white comic panel gutters on another, and then the three comic panels under that on separate layers or all on one layer. Working in layers makes it easier to shimmy things around if we need to. There are 4 books and I believe they will be out in the fall of this year. I started them in mid-October of last year and finished them mid-February and it was a tight deadline to get them all done on time so that's why I was busy and not posting. I think they came out cool and colorful!

As I was finishing these books up I found out that Capstone is doing yet another Two Scooby You Choose books! So I should be starting work on Books 13 and 14 on in another month! I have one cover roughed out and am awaiting art direction on the other.


Anonymous said...

These are really cool! Are the comic pages on the cover inside the book? The gator story looks super cool from those.

SNeelyArt said...

The panels on the cover show basic scenes that do happen in the stories.

Anonymous said...

i pre-ordered the You Choose stories Clown Carnival and Salem Witch Showdown, do you have covers?