Thursday, November 5, 2009

HAL & AL "Baton Rouge Christmas Parade" Free Promo CD Art!

Here is the final artwork I just loaded up tonight to Oasis CD Manufacturing. This Hal & Al CD will be given out December 12 at the downtown Baton Rouge Christmas Parade as a free gift to the first 1,000 people there. It was all paid for by Hal & Al's sponsors and that's why it's all logoed up more than usual, including the CD itself! I reused a lot of art from previous stuff I've done to get it done quick since it was a free promo.
Above is my original version of the art for the CD label but tonight in the 11th hour when I was going to upload it, I noticed that it was four colors instead of three! I forgot that white was a color as well! So I quickly opted to make the text black. I like the green on it since it broke it up more, so I'm posting it here so you can see it as well. Below will be the final manufactured version.

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