Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been A Looooonnnnnggggg Time....

To my faithful ones who look to new postings on my blog I apologize. The last 6 months were busy and I'm now back on track to posting on a regular basis again. It's feast or famine when you are a freelancer so when the work is there, you take it. As to where I've been (I last posted in November for my 10th Anniversary with Scooby), I've been involved with a bunch of cool jobs that I will now start to post for you to see.

I've worked on licensing art for Shrek Forever After (from August '09 to Feb '10); worked on two calendars for a drug company featuring some new characters I created; did a few comic book stories for Scooby, created and drawn a 5-page story for a charity book starring a cute character I created on the side; did some licensing work for a Disney show called Phineas and Ferb; and also recently did a new art audition for American Greetings to see if I'll be approved to draw the new version of Strawberry Shortcake! She's changed styles since I last drew her...

Shrek 4 took up most of my life though in that time as there were changes galore between the script and the final version of the movie and a lot of tweaks that had to be made to the art. It was a long six months. In my free time, I did sketches for myself and will post them here as well!

I also recently bought a Flip Slide HD camera and have shot some video of me drawing some of the characters that I'm know for drawing. If you're a friend on FaceBook you might have seen these posted there recently. I'll be posting them here as well now too.

Also, in the big news, is that I FINALLY got my main website (scottneely.com) almost completely up and running with all new stuff! I'm also adding a online store as well and that should be up soon!

Stay Tooned!

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