Friday, April 15, 2011

Spoke To The Graphics Class At DCCC Today!

This afternoon, around 2:30pm, I spoke to the graphics class at Delaware County Community College. My former Photoshop teacher, Robert Jones, had asked me to come in and speak to the class and tell them what I do. I've done this before for him in the past years as well so I offered this time since I had some down time. So for this talk I showed the class some of my layered art files since I think they would've given them a good idea of how work is done in licensing since it has many concepts that are used in graphic design and how to keep thinking in layers even from the initial sketch. I think I talked for about and hour and a half and took questions. Hope it wasn't too long 'cause I can ramble on! Ha! They seemed to have liked it so that was good. I took this pic of the school when I was leaving around 4:15 or so.

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