Friday, May 20, 2011

Working With PHINEAS AND FERB Again!

I've been bad about posting stuff of late but allergies have been killing me this year and it's hard to draw when you sneeze 15 times in a row. But I have been working on some stuff here at Casa de Neely. Since the 12th of May I've been working with the boys again... the boys being Phineas and Ferb! Above is a rough layout that I drew with a blue ball-point pen on some better than average art paper. Those of you who follow me know I draw mostly on cheap copy paper when I do my rough sketches but for this one I somehow started drawing it on good art paper. Can't remember why at this point but I think it was because I was too lazy to go and grab the cheaper paper in the closet at the time. I was probably too tired from sneezing to get up and get it. I'm posting it since it was one of the rare times that I actually had this layout really well thought out in my head and was able to put it on paper. I also drew it with a ball-point pen to change it up; plus not having an eraser on the end helps you draw faster. I sometimes do sketches with just a pen as it forces you to get the image out and not worry about fixing it as you go along. It's kind of like being a writer and banging out a first draft and then going back and fixing it after it's done. A lot of times, I create in pieces and then move the elements around the get the best position for stuff to make a better design. This one kind of came together a little easier than normal and once I had it pretty well etched in my mind I put it on paper. The work was approved and I've been doing the final art the last two days and will be working this weekend on it to get it done.

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