Friday, May 20, 2011

PUSS IN BOOTS On The Drawing Board As Well...

And also just started working on some Puss in Boots stuff, which I'm working on at the same time as the Phineas and Ferb work. Yes, Puss in Boots is getting his own spin-off movie and it's been in the works before Shrek 4 came out. There is a tease for it at the end of Shrek Forever After, where Shrek closes the book at the end of the movie and puts it up on the shelf and right next to it was a smaller book with "Puss in Boots" written on the spine, meaning that Puss has his own story as well. Anyway, it's feast or famine being a freelancer... so you grab it when you can. Still in the early stages of it so I'm not sure how long I have to get the work done yet before Puss comes out.

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