Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Exciting News Coming Soon!

I've got some new exciting news for Scooby fans coming soon! I just signed the contracts for it and will let you know what is going on and how all of my summer (April to September actually) will be devoted to Scooby once again! This all works out nicely as I've got something else going on two nights a week that I'm starting April 1st and will give me more options in life as well.

UPDATE: As for those who've been reading my blog and my "Purging and Downsizing" posts, I thought I'd let you know that I sold ALL my music CD's to a reseller in New Jersey and was able to get $1 a piece! Woo! I was quite happy to get it as I stated that music CD's are HARD to get rid of and I had to go to Jersey to do it as there are no used shops in Philly! I did keep a small box of CDs though that were rare, limited editon, or out of print.

Since my last posting in late February, I've just finished a Phineas and Ferb job that I just posted about in which I crossed the 100 page mark. I've also been going through and cleaning up around the house and selling stuff to keep my downsizing going. I've been donating quite a few books to the local library as well since they have no budget to do much of anything. I've also joined some local online yard sales to help sell stuff and you'd be amazed at how many DVDs I see for sale. It's a buyer's market for sure and I'm glad I was able to get rid of most of mine.

As April approaches, I never did get to use the snowblower this winter. Had it all ready to go twice and we got nothing or the storm's left a dusting and I used the shovel to clear it off. It's been two years since it was last used! But still nice to know that it's there if I need it. This past winter has been mostly all high winds.

Also approaching is Free Comic Book Day, which I'm not doing again. This year will mark the one year mark since my father died so I opted out as I don't know how I'll feel. Him dying the day before the event hasn't tainted it but my love for the comic industry has been so low that I just got tired of doing it. I figured I did it for seven years or so and I've been taking a break from it the last three years. I was asked earlier this year if I wanted to do it but I didn't feel like it.

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Dylanio21 said...

I am always excited for more Scooby, sorry to hear the comic business is leaving you sour though.