Thursday, February 12, 2015

Phineas And Ferb Poster

Back in the fall I was out roaming and saw the latest copy of P & F magazine and saw that they re-purposed my art of a comic page into an Agent P poster in the center of the magazine! He's fighting the Rogue Rabbit. Actually that drawing was my 100th comic page for P & F as well. I was offered more P & F work in early fall but declined do to the fact that I had too much Scooby going on. I was told the magazine would be stopping and they were getting the last couple issues done art wise.

The magazine is drawing to a close now though as they stopped production of the show with the end of the 4th season. They produced a lot of shows per season so I think Disney is giving it a break as the show was put into an "extended hiatus" or something. It will be back. Hell, they brought back the PowerPuff Girls all these years later. Everything needs room to breathe and I would expect P & F will return in five to ten years for a new audience.

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