Thursday, February 12, 2015

SCOOBY-DOO Cover Art For Books 9 And 10!

Here's the two covers I did for the last two Scooby-Doo "You Choose" books for Capstone. The Interiors were just finished last week for Book 9 as I did them out of order. I would have posted these covers sooner but I've been busy. I was very happy with how these came out though they may have tweaked the one underwater cover when you see the published version, but you can see my original version here. I think they wanted to make the old ruins in the back more of a blue color so that it wasn't so prominent. I don't exactly remember now as these were done back last August I'm guessing.
These are for Book 9 "The Curse of Atlantis" and Book 10 "The Secret of The Alien Saucer" both written by Laurie Sutton. I'm guessing they will be out this spring or late spring.

With the interior art now turned in this marks a complete ten book series run that I did for it. I've heard they may do two more but can't confirm it yet. I'm guessing I would know in another month or so as they would plan them to come out in the fall of this year. Originally, when I was working on the first four I was told it was an eight book contract with WB and they added another two after that. I was told they are doing quite well so I may get another email to do more. We shall wait and see. I do like seeing the work uncropped and unfettered without all the logos and such. These covers are tricky to do as they only have so much "live area" to work within and I have to leave room for the titles and other things.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they do more! This is my favorite series. Great covers. (This may or may not be a double post, sorry)