Friday, June 26, 2009

HAL & AL Drawing Segment With JAMAR NICHOLAS!

Here is the first of a series of new drawing segments that I am producing up here in the subs of Philly for the Hal & Al TV Show. We had shot a bunch of segments with myself and my friend Jamar Nicholas over at Delaware County Community College (who gave me a room to shoot in) and we wound up drawings all kinds of kid friendly things over the course of two Saturdays. This is the first finished segment, which was produced, directed and edited by John Tatarelli, Jr and Jesse Melchoir. They did a superb job on it and Jesse even did all the artwork for the animated opening himself. Luckily, Johnny T has all the camera equipment to pull off a quality production and Jesse is great with doing the graphics work to keep the pacing lively and kid friendly. I'd thought I'd share the first video! These segments will be cut into the Hal & Al show and also be on a future Hal & Al DVD! For more on my friend Jamar, you can go to his site at!

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