Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are scans of the printed pages of the press I got recently from my appearance at Sabold Elementary School on May 29. Since it was a local appearance I was only able to get it in two of the local papers: the Springfield Press and Delaware County Magazine. Since I do work for DCM, it was easy enough to get the space and I quickly designed the layout for the half page story myself and added an ad for my next appearance at a local library. As for the Springfield Press, I dropped off a disc with the pics and info at their main offices and they printed one of the pics two weeks later. Here is the layout I did for DCM...
Below is the original picture I saw in the paper for the Comic Book Club at Sabold as well. I'm posting it for an example to any of my DCAD students or other artists who may be beginning their career who are trying to get noticed. Try to get some press for yourself! If people don't know you exist, they won't hire you! I contacted the school and the teacher after I saw this photo and a month later, I'm in the same paper with my own picture and ad. It's all promotion for your career and you have to make it happen...because no one else will!

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