Sunday, September 19, 2010

WONDER WOMAN Art For Charity Event!

I was sent an email from Andy Mangels to participate in the Wonder Woman Day V charity benefit for domestic violence programs and apparently this year is a hard sell to get artists to do some art for the event, mostly from any of the main DC Comics Universe (or DCU) artists. Since I felt bad about that I decided to do a piece for it today before I go back to Scooby work tomorrow.

Since I mainly do comic work for the Johnny DC line (what's left of it and now moved to Wildstorm) I decided to do a piece of Wonder Woman from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series. I thought of doing my version of her but decided to keep it simple for a fan who may buy it. Drawn on 9 x 12 paper and inked with a Pitt Brush Marker and some Microns for the small details on the face and the stars.

You can find out more about the upcoming event at

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Dylanio21 said...

Wow, you do a perfect Wonder Woman.