Friday, January 4, 2013


Wow! This is my 300th post on my blog!

Here's a link to a loooonnnngggg interview I did for Jeff Andrews at Design Inspiration. It was in the works for quite awhile but finally saw the light of interwebs back this past September 13th. Here's the link for people who'd like to check it out. It came out really good.

I had issues with Internet Explorer taking me directly to it but you can navigate the main site to it as well once you are there.


David said...

Great interview Scott. I especially liked your answer to the...any advice for a novice designer/illustrator question.

What about advice for someone who hasn't gone to art school and is trying to learn on their own. Are there any specific books you'd recommend, like Preston Blair's or Tom Bancroft's? Would you suggest more drawing from life and your surroundings, or following a specific method?

Thanks Scott!

SNeelyArt said...

David, those books are fine. I think it depends on what kind of art one wants to do as to what books will help most. You wouldn't buy a book on painting of you wanted to cartoon. That said, I look around my vast library and find all kinds of books on art. I think I take bits and pieces from them. Most books pretty much tell you the same things and techniques as well, but I think by simple thumbing through a book you can see if it appeals to you. It's hard to find a good graphic design book. You have to actually do graphic design in order to get good at it.

For a more serious student I can recommend both volumes of Walt Stanchfield's Drawn To Life. They are superb and indepth lessons from a Disney master. Some of the How To Draw Manga series books on how to draw clothing and folds or drapery in general are quite excellent as well.

I find that there is no one book with it all. I could probably make a good book from pulling a few pages from a hundred books that I've read.

David said...

Thanks for the feedback Scott. I have the "Drawn To Life" books somewhere around here. I need to buckle down and focus as I am not getting any younger.

Thanks again and take care!