Friday, January 4, 2013

PHINEAS AND FERB 2-Page Story Roughs

Here are two different Phineas and Ferb two-page stories I did for overseas back in May I think. I forget the actual timeline as there was a lot going on in my life. These are adapted from two actual episodes of the show and had to be reworked in terms of layout and with word balloons added to make them work as a educational comic. The word balloons added afterwards would then reflect the trimmed down dialogue of the show which was simplified naturally to get it to fit into 16 panels total. There's a lot of detail packed into each panel and took me a bit longer to do than a normal comic.
Here below are the second story roughs for the second time travel adventure. Done exactly as I did the first story. Also for this entire particular gig I did the page layout grid and borders digitally and then did each individual panel art on a separate piece of letterhead copy paper and then scanned them in, reduced them, and dropped them behind the page layout. It gave me some leeway as to moving the art inside the borders to get the positioning just right. Doing it this way also gives me strong looking panels borders that are all of the same line quality. Presentation is everything. Tomorrow I'll post the final color versions!

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