Monday, June 7, 2010


Joe Valentino from Valentino's Beautiful Home Center wanted to form a group for contractors who could network and find new work as a unit instead of as separate contractors. So the first thing I had to come up with was a logo design for the group.

He liked the ribbon design best, but here is another version that didn't get used. I thought I'd post it for people who like to see the process...
Here's some alternate ideas that I was thinking of while trying to keep a simpler corporate look.
Here's yet another logo with just text that locks together. We liked it and decided to use it for some things and you'll see it on the tri-folded brochure.
Here is the design for the group's letterhead... we kept it simple.
Then the art for a No. 10 envelope...
Here's the final design for a tri-folded brochure mailer... I like the design a lot and wanted to add some punch to it so that it would grab you. All the text was given by the client as to what they wanted to say so it was just a job or organizing it all and making it pop...

And here's the inside of the brochure. I like this design a lot as well and the way it grabs your eye! It came out great! It has the feel of a mission statment or a diploma with the border and logos working together.

Then finally, the client wanted a simple two-folded informational brochure that could be printed quick at a local printer as a teaser while the one above was printed on high gloss paper stock at the high-end printer in California that we use normally for everything else. I like the cover of it and how it grabs your eye. It should always attract the eye from a few feet away. If no one picks it up, it's a bad design in my eyes.

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