Saturday, June 12, 2010

WARNER BROS CONSUMER PRODUCTS - Hanna-Barbera Concept Gallery Art

I think I posted these on my other places like FaceBook but never here where they should be. So here we go... Last September I was invited by Warner Bros Consumer Products to participate in "The World of Hanna-Barbera" Gallery, which was a selection of artists who were asked to come up with new takes or new styles based on the HB characters. You had to do at least one of these three: Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry or Yogi Bear. These were the licenses they were pushing for this year so they wanted some new ideas. After you did one of these, you could then do anything else from the HB catalog.

You could do them in any style or medium. They didn't have to be on model and they wanted you to express yourself. You could make a Scooby-Doo out of bottle caps or Atom Ant out of matches if you wanted. The main idea was that these might inspire some new products or style guide art that could be used at some point. Being that I always kind of look for something that might sell or something that I would buy if I saw it, I went to the young kiddie route and came up with Baby Yogi and Baby Scooby! I think they came out great and WB seemed to love Baby Yogi so who knows... I thought the baby line would be great for these characters since Disney has had such success with their Baby versions of Mickey and Winnie the Pooh.
For process junkies, these two were penciled and then scanned and just colored under the pencils to keep the clean rough look. It's a nice look for concept art.

Now L'il Scooby was actually the first thing I did and took the most time as I was thinking it would be cool for maybe a line of beginner reader books or something. I know he does seem like a Scrappy-Doo clone, but Scrappy is crappy and this is more of an ideal way to go. Even WBCP won't let you draw Scrappy for a job since they kind of disavow him. I never liked Scrappy's design either and thought Scooby "jumped the shark" when they started introducing Scooby's family in general. I had a young kid version of Shaggy to go with this as well. I wanted something cute and something that would appeal to women or mothers and that was what I aimed for.
This one was penciled, inked and colored with a painted background.

I'll post some of the other pencil roughs soon.


Bill White said...

What a fun assignment!

Really like Lil' Yogi, Scott. With the upcoming release of the (gulp!) Yogi live action film, this could be a big $$$ maker for Warner's.

ScottN01 said...

Yeah, it was a cool assignment, Bill. I wish I got time to do more of the other H-B characters but I wasn't getting paid for it (no one did) and I had other work on the table to draw.

Since you asked me to post more about my process, I will since I had done drawings of the ones that I did do and there were a few drawings I did before I hit upon the final look.