Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Weekend I Met Julie Newmar - Still The BEST Catwoman!

Since I posted my pics of Adam West and Burt Ward way back in the archives, I'd thought I'd post these as well. This past weekend I went to Wizard World Philly and met Julie Newmar on a rare east coast convention appearance! She was, and still is, the BEST Catwoman ever! I got three pics signed by her for my collection and they now reside next to my Adam West and Burt Ward ones! I now have Batman, Robin and Catwoman from the cast of the original 1966 Batman TV series. My goal of meeting all three is now complete! They had a nice set up for them as Adam and Julie were in two booths side-by-side and across from them was the Batmobile from the show. Luckily I got better shots of the Batmobile when I first met Adam and Burt at a show in New Jersey so I didn't bother taking any this weekend since the convention hall had lousy lighting.

Last year, I met Erin Grey who was Wilma Deering on the 1980's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series and she was great! I didn't post the pics, but maybe I will add them to this post. Anyway, at this year's show, was Buck himself: Gil Gerard! Got to talk to him and he signed this pic for me. Other than that, I bought 4 comics and got outta Dodge. My main and only reason for going was to meet Julie and there's wasn't much that I was looking for in terms of comics or toys so I left early. It was crowded though and the dates for next year are set.

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