Wednesday, February 9, 2011

By Popular Demand, My Second Appearance Was Today At ST. EUGENE'S Elementary School!

After my appearance last week I was told that the younger students and their teachers were upset that they didn't get me to see me in their classes, so arrangements were made early this week and I went back today and spoke to six classrooms filled with the little ones. I mostly sketched for them and just answered questions and didn't do any slide shows since I was moving between classrooms every 30 minutes and their attention spans are shorter. It was a long morning but they seemed to enjoy it a lot and a little girl in the kindergarden class gave me two thumbs up, which was pretty funny. They all agreed my Scooby jacket was awesome, which of course it is. Each class kept all the sketches I did and I signed one for the class to hang if they wanted to. I'm a hero to the six-year-olds! The harder ones to draw for were the kindergarden class as they really don't know any of the characters (since they were so young) that I do outside of Scooby, Phineas and Ferb, Mickey and Winnie, and a Charlie Brown sketch I did.

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ShaggyDoo said...

Way to go Scott, thanks again for being about the best ambassador around for Scooby and cartoons in general. That jacket is, like, extremely awesome, where can I get one???