Friday, February 11, 2011

My Appearance At The ALFRED G. WATERS MIDDLE SCHOOL Tonight For Their "Real Men Read" Event!

It seems I'm on tour this week with speaking engagements but this is the last one for a little while. Tonight I was at the Alfred G. Waters Middle School in Middleton, Delaware for their annual event called "Real Men Read", which is an event to promote reading in general but also for men to get their sons into reading by showing them that it's fun. Apparently, there are a lot of kids who don't like to read on a daily basis unless they are forced to for school or for homework assignments, so any program where families can come and see writers and illustrators and then purchase some new books is a good thing.

I did a shortened version of my usual talk for two workshops which ran about a half-hour each. There was a lady there who was working the event named Patty Brown and she took these pics with my camera. She did a great job so I'm posting a bit more photos than usual. Thanks Patty!

Here's me talking and to a packed house as well. They said they had over 600 people who came last year and I was busy so I don't know how many attended this year. There was great traffic coming and going. UPDATE: Was told today that there were around 900 attendees this year!
Me being witty... because I am! Wooo!
Me drawing my 30-second Bart Simpson which kids and adults seem to love...

Showed one of the drawing videos I made that was speeded up so they could see how I draw from start to finish.

It was a great mix of families and age groups!

Me talking about construction theory and how characters are built from the ground up...

This picture I thought was funny. Look at the guy in the middle tugging his kid to leave and the kid doesn't want to go yet... Can you blame him for wanting to stay? I'm a compelling guy (no, really)... plus I was only half done my Scooby sketch!

Throwing some quick inks down on Scooby as I had to then set up my store in another room and sell some product to my breathlessly waiting crowd of fans... Hope they had a good time and enjoyed my workshops!

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David said...

Looks like this was a lot of fun Scott, and that Scooby jacket is just the coolest!