Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Door/ Two Views - Background Art

Here's two angles of a door to a storage closet. Once again the characters covered most of them so it's kind of nice to see them unfettered by other elements. Both took about a little over an hour and a half each and most of that was figuring out a color theory that worked for it since it was nightime and an interior that basically had no lighting. I also changed the inside of the closet's main lighting to reflect a story element hence why one is green and the other is a tannish brown. I also kept it clean and crisp as opposed to the underground scenes which are murky, misty and spooky which I kept a little looser. I love the slight bird's eye view of the bottom door though.


ArtbyAndy said...

Just discovered you. Long overdue. I'm now a follower. Great work! I can't work to get inspired by all of your work!

SNeelyArt said...

Thank you sir! I appreciate it!