Friday, February 11, 2011

My Scooby-Doo Drawing Video Is Now Up On YouTube!

Here is one of my drawing videos that I just loaded up to YouTube. I've been running it at my speaking engagements of late and so here it is for the rest of you out there in Internet Land. It's speeded up and cut to Scooby music which was all done by John Tatarelli for me. You can check out the real time, higher quality videos of it on my vimeo page (click here). They don't have any real soundtrack to the real time ones though so you can play your own music to it. This was just a teaser to get some advertising for myself.

Here is a direct link to the YouTube as well! Click Here


Dylanio21 said...

Do we get to hear about the materials and actual time it took and all that!?

SNeelyArt said...

It should be in the description on YouTube. Just expand it.