Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm Still Here.....

Yes, I know it's been a while. Life has been busy for sure and I'm running two businesses now and for art, it got real busy around mid-March! Life slowed down a bit on Memorial Day weekend and it was nice. This past weekend I put together a new barbeque out of the box! Woo!

What's been going on? I'm currently working on Capstone's Scooby-Doo "You Choose" books series and doing Books 7 & 8. I started Book 7 as I was finishing up a Scooby comic that I was writing and drawing for DC Comics (yes, I said writing) when I got a new email from the non-fiction side of Capstone Publishing as they had a new Scooby-Doo series that were doing and I then signed on to do the first two books of "Unmasked: The Truth Behind..." series! Being the first artist they contacted (they didn't know I was already doing Scooby for the fiction side, go figure), I got to pick the subject matter that I wanted to do so I picked Mummies (Book 1) and Zombies (Book 2)! The other books will be drawn by two other artists who will do two each. I've got one book roughed and approved so I'm doing finals inks this week and I turned in the Mummy book roughs today so that's routing for approvals. These four books all have to be done by August.

I've done around 7 or eight covers as well now for these series and for DC Comics. I'll be posting them ASAP as some people have emailed me asking if I'm still alive. Yes, I say but when I go to add something to the blog, I'd rather go do something else. It feels like "Time to make the donuts" sometimes so I keep putting it off.

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Christian Cornia said...

Hi Scott :D
I've found your blog while I'm looking for some reference :). I'm one of the other two artists which are working on the Unmasked series :D
I've got a question, so I'll send you an email.