Tuesday, June 3, 2014

LOONEY TUNES #219 Cover Cover

I did this Looney Tunes cover a several months ago. I just got five comp copies from DC Comics the other day so I guess it will be in stores this week.
I read the story and it seemed to me that since the Road Runner and Coyote don't get many covers that it might be better to draw an iconic image of them instead of drawing an image from some situation that happens in the actual script. I did these four tight thumbnails and on second look they are pretty damn solid in terms of selling the concepts in a small scale. They are really completely readable, which sometimes thumbnails aren't. They hit all the right notes from the abstract desert setting, the signs the Coyote holds, and to the backfiring traps. I used a 40% Warm Gray marker to do some light tones to make them pop. They were done on 8.5 x 11 paper. I have the grids on the page already set up to comic specs so I can print out the grids easily to work faster.
I then did a rough, which looks a lot like this one, on 11 x17 paper and sent it in for final penciled approval. Then I did the final art on DC art board and scanned it. I added the word balloon and text on the Coyote's sign after the fact digitally for my blog as my original thumbnail had it but as you can see from the final printed cover they didn't use the "Meep! Meep!"
And then the final color file. I don't know who did it but I like the warm tones to it. They missed coloring the little patch of grass on the side above my name though. Once it's out of my hands I normally have no control. Anyway, it came out cool and the Interior story drawn by Robert Pope came out superb.

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