Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ED, EDD N EDDY are stopping by! Hide the Jawbreakers!

Here's Ed, Edd n Eddy! These are some prelim sketches I did of the boys for various things. I drew them with various media as I sometimes sketch with whatever's just lying around. I've drawn the boys for quite some time now and still do art for their comic book adventures. It's a fun license and they have grown on me over the years. The show seems to be hit or miss with most people, they either love it or hate it since there is a juvenile feel to the whole show that sometimes turns people off to it.

I really LOVE the color palette for the show and how it has some really great pastel color choices used throughout the show, which are light in tone and not overbearing. Also, another unique thing is the deliberate use of a 'boiling line' that is used in the animation of all the characters to make them all seem in constant motion. A 'boiling line' is the movement of lines or fluctuating color, which is sometimes a deliberate style for a show (as it is with the Eds), but more often it's due to inaccurate inbetweens or an uneven application of color. I have to say that it gives it an overall unique look which has certainly set the show apart from all the other shows on Cartoon Network or Nick for that matter. I'll post some color ones soon!


Jeff said...

Awesome work on these guys. I have one picture I've successfully drawn of them, trying to get their nuances just right. Love your work.

ScottN01 said...

Thanks Jeff! I like drawing the boys. It did take a while to get the style. It really helps watching the show as much as possible to get the vibe of it all. There is a lot of the 'squish and stretch' of animation to the show as well which makes it hard to draw sometimes. By that I mean when Eddy gets something dropped on his head, how his head looks at the point of impact and the distortion of it afterwards. It has to still look like him while being distorted.

The inking of it is easier as well when I do the Eds for the comic book stories. I think the hardest part for me with the Eds is not with any of the characters, but the props. Anything they have to create using things out of the backyard and whatever's at their disposal is hard to create. I have to place myself back to when I was a kid and how I used to make stuff out of boxes and such with duct tape and rubber bands holding the whole deal together. This all comes together especially since 'Double D' creates all kinds of cool stuff in his garage.

I remember I had to create a Eds cover for a comic with them going down a homemade waterslide during a hot summer day and the thing looked dangerous and was high up off the ground and it was made of spare pieces of wood, metal, etc. I even used Plank to hold it up!

roberto said...


ScottN01 said...

Thanks, Roberto! But I don't work on the actual show in terms of doing the animation. That's done in Canada at AKA Cartoon. I've done a lot of the licensing art for the Eds, which is on products or comic books that you may see.