Monday, June 23, 2008

New Neely News...or a busy week of creating art!

In other news here, it's a busy, busy week! I got a lot going on which I have to get cracking on:

1) The second Power Rangers Jungle Fury storybook, which I've got 4 spreads left to draw and layout, to be finished up so that it can go out for approvals and then I can start doing the final art and the coloring part.

2) A Scooby-Doo project for Sweden! I'll write more about this soon!

3) A photo print for buddy voice actor Scott Innes and all the animated characters he voices. I have to take Scott's photo and draw all the characters he's done and place them all around him. I've drawn 20 of the main characters that are the most popular that Scott has voiced. Now I have to scan them and lay them out in some way to make it work as a design. Then when approved as a rough, I'll do the final character art.

4) A radio station mascot character, which I created and I'll share soon, cover sketch for a promotional coloring book.

A logo/letterhead/envelope graphic design for an appliance/home center in Delaware, which I have to go see on Wednesday to take some photos which may be incorporated into the final design.

6) A new Alfie comic strip and the layout of editorial for the new issue of DCM which is going to press on Sunday at 5pm!

Yikes! That's a lot! But always better to have more than a little! Back to the drawing board!

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