Thursday, June 12, 2008

New HAL & AL Billboard in Baton Rouge, LA!

Here's the new Hal & Al billboard that's hanging up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! I did the art for it about a month or so ago and now it's finally up! I did three designs total. This one and there are two for digital billboards that I did. This Hal & Al billboard is looking over the I-10/I-12 highway. For those who are down south you can check it out. My pal and co-hort Scott Innes sent me the photo of it tonight. We've had billboards up year round for the last two years to advertise the characters and TV Show.

And here's the art as I prepared it. Done all in Photoshop. There is a new Cox TV logo now, but that will be on the next billboards since they got it to us after our deadline with Lamar Graphics.

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