Monday, June 16, 2008

Scott's Interviews on COMIC GEEK SPEAK!

Here are the links to where you can download my interviews that Comic Geek Speak had done of me. They are the greatest podcast for all things geeky and nice guys to boot. I've been to both their 200th and 300th episode show events in Reading, Pa and will be at the latest event this September! You can find their website at and load up your iPod.

Episode 140 (May 25th, 2006)
Strawberry Shortcake? Don't worry the Peculiar Purple Pie Man is nowhere to be found. In this episode we talk with comic artist Scott Neely and discuss his journey from comic books to the world of cartoons. (It's an hour and a half interview)

Convention Survival Guide (September 5th, 2006)
(1:03:52 into the show) Scott Neely talks with us about having product, walking the floor and sketch requests. (It's a short interview around ten minutes or so on comic conventions)

Episode 298 (September 19th, 2007)
Jamie D. and Senor Pantalones talk with Scooby Doo artist Scott Neely. (It's another long interview with the guys)

The Forum about the Episode 298:

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