Thursday, September 25, 2008

TITANIC - Pencil Sketches From My Old Sketchbook!

Been going through the archives here in my spare time and I got some cool old stuff I've done that I'll share in the coming weeks...Most of it is B.S. as opposed to A.S. Meaning that a certain Great Dane has had such an influence on my life and almost taking up 10 years of it professionally, that I'm now referring to my work as B.S. (Before Scooby) and A.S. (After Scooby)! Actually, wouldn't it be D.S.? (During Scooby, since I'm still drawing him?)

Anyway, here's two scans from one of my sketchbooks that were done around 1997 or so. I had seen Titanic and loved what James Cameron had done with the film. Once again, Cameron had pushed the boundaries of digital filmmaking to it's fullest and this film is right up there with Terminator 2, which also holds up brilliantly in today's world as it did in 1992! Here are scans of two sketches I did during my Titanic phase. I know I have more somewhere. I had a thing for Kate....darn...what's her last name? Winslet! Kate Winslet. Well, obviously time has taken it's toll my memory but I shall fend off the cobwebs. I can guess they were play sketches and I started them and kept at them till they got pretty finished! Still pretty happy with them as sketches. There are some cringe worthy moments in one's sketchbooks but these I still like a lot.

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omg great pics :0