Friday, September 26, 2008

BABY SINCLAIR "Not The Momma!"

Now THIS I remember doing! Baby Sinclair! It was early 90's and the TV show Dinosaurs was a hit on Friday nights. Created by Jim Henson Productions, it was a great show that was well-written and showcased many topical things that were going on in the news in real life. Fun for kids and their parents.

I had the small toy action figure of the Baby and some of the other ones in the Dinosaur family and one night I was looking for something to draw that was fun and it was drawn while I held up the toy in front of me with my left hand as I drew with my right. Drawn on newsprint paper with Conte Crayon. I loved working with Conte Crayon and it was one of my favorite mediums at the time. I used to use it ALL the time in the life drawing classes that I would take since it wasn't as messy as charcoal. By the way, did you know that the Baby Dinosaur's voice was voiced by Kevin Clash who also voiced Elmo on Sesame Street. Actually you can hear a touch of Elmo in the Baby's voice!

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