Sunday, November 9, 2008


Thought I'd post something different today as I plug away on the new Scooby project I'm drawing this weekend and next week. I found the CD I had here with all the photos I took at a convention a few years ago in Secaucas, New Jersey. The reason I went was because both Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) were going to be there together for a rare appearance! They normally don't do shows together that often so when they do you have to take advantage of it. I really loved the old 60's TV show and the first year of it was pure gold and had some of the best and smartest writing! So my friend Johnny T and I trekked up the NJ highway to get us some autographs and pics!

One of the bonuses was that one of the original George Barris Batmobiles was going to be there as well as the Green Hornet's car, The Black Beauty! I love the Batmobile's look! It's my favorite car right next to the Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino and it's the still the BEST Batmobile ever created! The front 'face' of the Batmobile captivated me everytime I saw it growing up. The lines and curves for the front were so far ahead of it's time that it has made this car timeless and iconic. I never get tired of looking at it. I'm glad that Hot Wheels has made some great smaller versions of the car itself these past two years. I wish the sun wasn't so bright when I got my pictures with it, I was trying not to squint but the sun was mighty powerful that day!

Here's some pics of Adam West signing my photos and a scan of my favorite one he signed to me!

Next up was Burt Ward, and he was busy signing as well, but he showed up before Adam did (and before his line got too big) I was able to get a photo with him! I had a cheap camera that used film so there's some kind of dark flash thing that kinda of screwed up the shot of Burt and me but what can you do? Needless to say, I bought a new digital camera soon after...

And one of the photos he signed for me!

There were many other older TV celebs there but the only other one that I wanted to meet was JoAnna Cameron who was All Mighty Isis! I remember coming up to her table and smiling at her and she looked back at me smiling and said, "You grew up watching me, didn't you?" I guess a lot of these actors know they had an impact on our lives at some point and anything that was on Saturday Morning TV whether it was cartoons or live-action was gold! It's too bad Saturday Morning Cartoons are dead now for the most part so the younger kids of today don't get the same fun vibe that we were able to get growing up. JoAnna signed two photos for me and I got a picture with her! BooYah!

It was a cool show and I'm glad I went! I'll be posting some new art this coming week!

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