Sunday, November 16, 2008

HALLOWEEN MONSTER Board Books! Are they cute or what?!?

I finally took these pictures off my camera tonight and finally got them ready to post. These pics are of two little board books for Halloween that Walmart sold this year. The publisher sent me copies of them so I couldn't tell you where they were in the Walmart stores since their stores are so big and now it's all loaded up with Christmas stuff. They were most likely around the candy and costumes. At any rate, these cute little books were sold for a $1 each and they made for a nice little gift for a beginning reader! Dalmatian Press took generic stock art I did for them way back in 2004 and repackaged it to make two cute little stories. It was nice of them to give me credit on the back of them as well! I'll have these for sale when I get my little online store up and running here! Enjoy the pics of them I took. The lighting wasn't great when I took these pics but these little books look great in front of you! I took some shots of what some of the interiors look like...

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