Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New HAL & AL CHRISTMAS CD And SCOTT INNES WARM & FUZZIES CD! Back From Manufacturing & Now Available!

If it's one thing I really love it's seeing new product. When one works so hard on something and it finally comes to fruition and you can hold it in your hand, it's pure magic to me! Scott Innes mailed me a box of these new music CD's (which I got on Friday morning) and they look BEAUTIFUL! I love taking the cellophane wrapping off of a new item! These pics don't do them justice since the lighting wasn't great when I took them. I'm real proud of how they turned out and from music production to art direction to manufacturing this is pure top shelf quality! I'll put these up against ANY children's CD's in any store! I listened to the new Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al 'Christmas in Wannabeeville, USA' CD twice on Friday as I drove down to teach my class at DCAD. I listened to it on the ride down and then again on the ride back. It's a GREAT Christmas CD and it's a lot of fun! Grammy-nominated artist and Hal & Al composer, Nelson Blanchard, really did stupendous work! Scott Innes and Jim Hogg wrote some great songs that not only take the famous versions that you know, but added some Hal & Al flair to each and every track! And I will pat myself on the back for making it all look pretty!

Scott Innes Warm & Fuzzies is a great CD too and it's a great mix of songs and radio show Christmas wish moments from his radio DJ work at WYNK radio! You can also download ALL the tracks off of Scott's Warm & Fuzzies CD for FREE (yes, I did say for FREE!) at! Just scroll down a bit and you'll see Scott's CD cover art on the left side and a link below it to click to start the download! All the tracks are in a zip file, which are easy to extract. You'll need the WinZip software to open it though, but that's a free download too. The beauty of both these CD's is that they are also for FREE and we'll be handing them out to kids and fans at the Hal & Al live concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 30th! I'll be onhand as well helping set up and doing Hal & Al work and I'll be taking pics of Hal & Al performing! I'll be bringing some more CD's back with me and I'll have them here to add into a box or five when I get some Christmas art sales going here online! I may also get a batch of both CD's that fans of my blog can get as well! The CD's will be free, but naturally there will be a shipping charge of like $2 or $3 bucks to ship both. Keep checking back as I hope to have things up and running when I get back from my trip down south!

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