Friday, November 21, 2008


It's Friday, November 21st and this date officially marks my 9th full year for drawing Scooby-Doo professionally! I've drawn about 20 or so more licenses in-between all the Scooby gigs but he has been my mainstay for all these years. I was looking back at all the work I've done every year for Scooby since 1999 and it's a large amount of art that I've drawn for him. Luckily, I labelled it all by year so I can go back and remember what I drew and when I drew it. Pieces of art are a lot like photographs and I can look at a piece of art and remember what I had for lunch that day or life events that have happened to me the day I drew a certain piece. What a long strange road it's been since I did my Scooby audition test for Warner Bros back in late 1999! Who would have thunk it would have lasted this long?! It's almost a decade and a full chapter of my life! Saturday, the 22nd, starts my 10th year of Scooby and what better way to celebrate than to have a Scooby job on my drawing board as I celebrate! Next November I'll be celebrating with a party or something to mark my tenth year. I'll definitely have a Scooby cake to celebrate that milestone. These nine years seemed to have flown by! Here's a piece of Scooby art I whipped out tonight at the drawing board to post my anniversary!


Rob S. said...

Wow -- 9 years! Congratulations, man!

Jeff said...

Awesome work! Love the sketch.