Wednesday, November 5, 2008

POWER RANGERS JUNGLE FURY - The Purple Wolf Ranger Emerges!

Well, today marked a busy day here at the Neely drawing board...I finally finished the pencils roughs for the 4th Power Rangers book! I'd thought I'd post the last page I drew so you could see it! It's the Purple Wolf Ranger in his opening entrance shot to the story. I left the text blocks in so you can get an idea of where they go. The art direction was to have him emitting power and purple bolts of energy around him as he emerges from clouds of smoke from the battle that was ensuing. Looks cool for a rough, but it will rock when it's in full color. I'm just mapping out a look for the page at this stage. I had to get it done since now I have a new Scooby-Doo project to draw for overseas as this PR book goes into approvals at Disney over here. Enjoy!

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