Friday, January 28, 2011

Daphne Blake From MYSTERY INC!

Here's a new pic of Daphne I did. She looks all perky and sweet! I like the background colors as well. They seem to go well with her character colors. The colored pupils have grown on me and I do like them as they really do make the character design distinctive and different for the new show. All digital from start to finish. The only boring part I kinda of hate is the inking end of it as you just have to strap in, put your headphones on and get it done. But the end result is really solid! Enjoy!


Bill White said...

I gotta say, Scott, this new style of Scooby has really grown on me- thanks mostly to your posts here.

I have relished the details of your rendering techniques in the past few posts. Always nice to see the daily challenges other cartoonists face.

In case I didn't state it clearly enough- Nice work!

SNeelyArt said...

Thanks, Bill! I guess the only bad part is there is no physical art to hold beyond printing out a print of it, but the quality of the digital line art can't be beat. I'll post some backgrounds and some other stuff next.

Softpencil said...

I love your illustration of Daphne! great work!!!

Rugphan's Fanfiction said...

I love the picture of Daphne! The backgrounds really do make her stand out. Awesome job!