Thursday, January 27, 2011

Print Out Your Own SCOOBY-DOO Valentine's Day Card!

A gift for readers of my blog!
I created a Valentine's Day card out of the art I posted yesterday! I called it a Scooby Valentine's card even though Scooby isn't on it, but it works so well with Daphne and Fred since they have a relationship of sorts on the new series. I think it came out pretty cool and you can now download the two files and print your own out card! When you click and download the file, you'll see that it's a zip file with two PDF files in it: one is the outside art of the card and the other is the art for the inside of it.
To keep it simple I took the crop marks off of the files so it's just the art that you'll see. Open the inside art file first and print it out on letterhead sized paper (8.5" x 11") and then flip it over when it's dry and put it back in your printer. Then open the outside artwork file for the card and print that on the blank side. It should match right up fine! You may have to do a test paper to be sure that you have the paper turned the right way or else it will be screwed up when it prints. Otherwise it came out fine on my printer as long as the piece is centered. You can use card stock too if you so prefer. I kept it at a pretty universal size for a card so any card envelope should be able to fit it. Enjoy!


ShaggyDoo said...

Thanks for the valentine Scott, I've been looking for a Scooby card to send to my sister and this will be perfect - neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ... this card is totally perfect! My little boy asked me to help him make a card for his crush who happens to be called Daphne (named after this Daphne) and she will love it!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing and making "Daphne" smile on Valentines day!